Lecture Notes and Presentations

Here are the links to the presentations of lecturers and participants.


Eva Andrei — Graphene viewed through STM: atomic collapse, Kondo screening and flat bands, Lecture 1, Lecture 2 & Lecture 3

Dmitri Efetov  Transport properties of Magic Angle Twisted Bilayer Graphene

Michele Fabrizio  Jahn-Teller effect and topological Jahn-Teller Mott insulators in magic-angle twisted-bilayer graphene

Shahal Ilani  1) Visualizing electron hydrodynamics. 2) Flavor symmetry broken states and the Pomeranchuk effect in MATBG

Ashvin Vishwanath — Strong Coupling Theory of Magic-Angle Graphene: A Pedagogical Introduction
SLIDES: Theory of Twisted Bilayer Graphene

Short talks by participants:

Ahmed Abouelkomsan —  Moiré Superlattices at Fractional Band Fillings: Particle-Hole Duality and Quantum Geometry

Miguel Alvarado — Topologically Driven 𝜙0-Josephson Junctions In MATBG

Anushree Datta — Accuracy of a moiré Wannier function model for twisted bilayer graphene

Josefine Enkner — Modifying the integer quantum Hall effect with cavity vacuum fields

Bert Jorissen — Describing Strain in TMDs using Tight-Binding models

Rupini Kamat — Controlling graphene-hBN rotational alignment

Tim Kokkeler — SNN junction with mixed superconducting potential

Florie Mesple — Effect of heterostrain on the flat bands of magic-angle twisted graphene layers

Alexina Ollier — Giant energy dissipation on twisted bilayer graphene at magic angle twist

Dmytro Oriekhov —  Bloch oscillations in the magnetoconductance of twisted bilayer graphene

Nisarga Paul —  Moiré Landau fans and magic zeros

Bálint Szentpéteri —  Tailoring the band structure of twisted double bilayer graphene with pressure

Davide Valentinis —  Nonlocal electrodynamics in anisotropic metals. Skin effect in PdCoO2

Jorge Vallejo Bustamante —  Graphene’s divergent orbital diamagnetism at the Dirac point

Giulia Zheng —   Fabry-Perot Oscillation In Twisted Double BilayerI Graphen With And Without pn Junctions

Posters by participants:

Andres Diez-Carlon — Magnetic Josephson Junctions and Superconducting Diodes in magic-angle twisted bilayer graphene

Miguel A. J. Herrera — Corner modes of the breathing kagome lattice: Origin and robustness

Bert Jorissen — Pybinding: modelling electronic structures with Tight-Binding

Isidora Araya Day — Do topological defects in quadrupole insulators host quantized fractional charges?

Giovanna Feraco — Nano-ARPES investigation of twisted bilayer WS2

Ida Nielsen — Readout of parafermionic states by transport measurements

Duy Hoang Minh Nguyen — Synthetic Weyl semimetal in a one-dimensional system of trilayer photonic grating

Simone Traverso — Edge dependence of the higher-order topological phase in a quasicrystalline system

Scientific Coordination:

Dario Bercioux
San Sebastián, ES

De Martino

London, UK

Reinhold Egger
Düsseldorf, DE

Hermann Grabert
Freiburg, DE

Christian Schönenberger
Basel, CH

Arturo Tagliacozzo
Naples, IT